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Who We Are

We are a kaleidoscope of nurturing healers with serving hearts. Our core values of acceptance, kindness, and strength allow us to help all clients no matter where they are on their journey. From Management, Massage Therapists, Estheticians, and Support Staff, our common goal is to help you 

Senior Massage Therapist & Trainer

Sherah V.   

Her love of helping others has been a driving force in Sherah’s career since becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2012. While specializing in all areas of the body, she mostly enjoys neck, shoulder, back, and hip work. An attentive listener, she can accommodate nearly all clients given her knowledge of a vast range of modalities. Her compassion and extremely high expectations for the quality of care that she provides have created a very strong and loyal client base throughout her career.

Derek G.

Massage Therapist

Derek is a peaceful presence that takes great pleasure in providing serenity to clients that are feeling overwhelmed. He received extensive training as a graduate from Medical Training College in 2021 and looks forward to developing his skill set and honing in on his specialties as he progresses in his career.  Derek is inspired by the ways that Massage Therapy can not only relax the body but help calm the minds of his clients as well.  

rebecca headshot.jpg
Rebecca C.

Senior Massage Therapist & Trainer

Licensed since 2014, Rebecca finds peace in knowing that she can offer stress relief and relaxation to others. Rebecca is skilled in incorporating the innovative Cupping modality, which is especially beneficial for fibromyalgia, diabetes, cellulite, anxiety, migraines, and many other conditions. Cupping is an excellent way to increase blood flow and reduce muscle pain as an alternative to deep tissue. Rebecca is also certified in Lymphatic Massage techniques for relief and healing, especially for post-op clients.  



Paige S.

Since a young age, Paige has been passionate about skincare and skin improvement. In 2021, she decided to turn her passion into a career and earned her Esthetician License from Aveda where she graduated with the highest GPA. Paige’s goal in the treatment room is to educate her clients about skin health and help them achieve their skin goals. She is educated in holistic skincare along with the more specialized forms of treatment. She enjoys being a part of her clients’ journey as they overcome skin challenges and finds true happiness in seeing their excitement and smiles as they achieve their goals. 


Senior Esthetician

Sydney S.

Sydney graduated from her Esthetics school as valedictorian, became a Licensed Esthetician in 2019, and has been thriving ever since.  Sydney loves the relaxing atmosphere that she creates when performing a facial, but one of her favorite hobbies is the art of makeup. She is also a fan of traveling to new places, spending time with friends and family, and brushing up on her knowledge of all things skincare. Sydney is a kind and compassionate soul who strives every day to help people look and feel their very best. 

Jay Headshot.jpg
Jay J.

Massage Therapist

At ten years old, Jay remembers answering the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?", proclaiming "Therapist". Once he discovered and dove in to the practice of yoga, he learned that the role of therapist would involve the gift of touch. Since achieving his license in 2022, Jay has become specialized in deep tissue, targeted stretching, reflexology, trigger point therapy, and swedish massage modalities.  His artistic style incorporates a variety of techniques, rhythms, and pressures to obtain the best results for his clients.


Massage Therapist 

Jasmin R.

Jasmin discovered her talent for Massage Therapy as a child, being told that her touch was magical. She carried that with her and obtained her license in 2013. As a great listener, your consultation will allow Jasmin to focus on any areas of concern. She finds Deep Tissue and Hot Stones helpful in relieving tension, especially in the back area. As a mother herself, she excels in Prenatal Massage techniques. Certifications include Sports Massage and Sciatica Pain Relief. 


Massage Therapist 

Elke H.

Licensed since 2007, Elke brings compassion and attention to detail in providing massages tailored to the individual. A former Physical Therapist, Elke specializes in Myofascial Release, Scar Tissue/Medical Treatment, Cupping, Deep Tissue, and Relaxing Therapeutic Massage. Elke believes in helping others relieve the pain and stress in the body, and brings peace, calmness, and healing to everyone. Consult with Elke and she will guide you on your path to wellness. 

Jeremiah W. 

Massage Therapist

Rewarding work that helps to ease the pain of others attracted Jeremiah to the Massage Therapy industry. Licensed since 2015, he thoroughly enjoys performing Therapeutic Massage Therapy, and His attention to detail in the calf and back regions help to release tension for those struggling in those areas. If you are looking to relax, you've found a therapist to accomplish that goal. 

Front Desk Agent

Aaron C.

Massage Therapist

Aaron, our resident "gentle giant", loves the feeling of being able to help people with his Massage Therapy skills. His talent in the field was recognized and polished in his efforts to provide his father relief from his back problems. Since 2016, he's harnessed his abilities and has developed a loyal clientele with his thoughtful approach to client treatment. With each appointment, he dedicates himself to the satisfaction of his clients and devotes his sole focus to one effect: relief. His Deep Tissue and Sports modalities make him a favorite among athletes. He specializes in the treatment of the shoulders, back, and neck. 

Bonnie B.

Massage Therapist

Licensed since 2012, Bonnie excels in delivering massages tailored to her clients' needs. She specializes in Medical Massages to relieve inflammation, ease pain, improve circulation, and treat other health-care concerns. On the other end of the spectrum, if your focus is relaxation and working out those stubborn knots, Bonnie will use her broad knowledge and experienced touch to your benefit.  

Jordan L.

Massage Therapist

Jordan is an ambitious healer who enjoys being able to connect with his clients while providing world-class service with a healing touch. He is very proud of his ability to provide holistic healing through touch and specializes in any area of the body wherein pain resides. Even as a Guest Therapist, Jordan makes time for his clients at the Emporium and his calming, therapeutic approach makes him an ideal Therapist for those looking to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Melysa S.

Massage Therapist

Melyssa is a seasoned, professional Massage Therapist who has over 20 years of licensed experience. A self-described "individual care specialist", she takes a meticulous approach in her application of various massage modalities to bring relief to her clients. She specializes in Therapeutic, Neuromuscular, and Deep Tissue modalities with an affinity for working the neck, back, and feet. She continues to find purpose and validation from her clients as she helps to promote their healing.  

Vanessa P.

Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist

Vanessa's healing touch, natural grace, and aura of calm define her methods of healing. She brings a devoted focus to each session and her positive attitude is contagious. Licensed since 2018, Vanessa's attention to detail produces long term therapeutic results. Her comfort, compassion, and confidence make her an extraordinary asset as a Guest Therapist at The Emporium. 

Cody K.

Massage Therapist

After years of working as a fitness instructor and trainer, Cody came to appreciate the benefits of therapeutic massage along his own journey of personal healing. With over a decade of experience practicing massage in chiropractic clinics, spas, and yoga studios, he has a unique approach to manual therapy that is both relaxing and effective. He specializes in deep tissue, stretching, sports massage, and stress management, and loves to help clients feel better and be healthier. 

Victoria B.

Massage Therapist

Victoria truly loves and believes in the power of healing touch. She is passionate about providing relaxation and healing and believes that we can all benefit from slowing down, quieting, and prioritizing our wellness routine. While Victoria is just beginning her journey as a therapist, her attention to detail and passion help her to stand out in the field. She loves using reflexology, stretching and sports techniques to target those areas which need extra, dedicated attention. Victoria likes to make sure our legs and feet receive as much attention as our upper body, as the wellness benefits are huge. Victoria will leave you feeling well balanced and serene as you float out of the door.

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