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Therapeutic Massage

Our personalized style of massage designed to promote overall wellness and relaxation.

30 Minutes/$75.00

60 Minutes/$105.00

90 Minutes/$135.00


Couples Massage

Two therapists work to bring ultimate relaxation and serenity to two guests
60 Minutes/$225.00

90 Minutes/$285.00

*All Couples Massage appointments must be paid in full at the time of booking.


Chair Massage

An easy fix for tension in the neck and shoulders that can be worked into your lunch break.
15 Minutes/$25.00

30 Minutes/$50.00
Deep Tissue Add On/$10
Percussion Therapy Massage Gun Add On/$10

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Vishnu Massage

Two therapists work in tandem to provide an extravagant massage experience for a single guest.
60 Minutes/$235.00

90 Minutes/$295.00


Deep Tissue Upgrade

A firm pressure massage penetrating deeper muscle layers to help relieve
target problem areas and release chronic muscle tension with neuro-muscular massage techniques. $20


Sports Upgrade

A combination of deep tissue, stretching, trigger point therapy, and
compression that promotes flexibility, prevents injury, and prepares the body for peak performance. $15


Percussion Therapy
Massage Gun

The massage gun provides accelerated bursts of pressure into the tissues of the body. This action helps release muscle soreness, increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow, and can improve flexibility. $15


Pregnancy Upgrade

A specialty massage designed to meet the needs of both new moms, and
moms to be, while keeping both baby and mom comfortable in a side-lying position.  2nd or 3rd Trimester only $20

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Aromatherapy Add-on

 A luxurious blend of essential oils is infused into the oil/lotion
used throughout your massage as well as hot towels to warm the muscles, evoke the
senses, and further relax the body and mind. $10


Mini Hot or Cold Stones

Melt away muscle tension with strategically placed warm stones. We also offer inflammation reducing cold stones. $10


Moisturizing Foot Treatment

Healing, moisturizing balm is massaged into the feet to restore and renew rough and tired feet. The heat of a hot towel allows the balm todeeply penetrate the skin. $15


Head & Face Massage

A focused series of techniques designed to release tension headaches from tensed facial muscles and clear the sinuses. $15


Nourishing Scalp Treatment

Deeply moisturizing Argan oil is luxuriously massaged into the scalp to promote ultimate absorption and relaxation. $15


Abdominal Massage

 A focused series of techniques to relax the core and address both internal and muscular problems. $15


Paraffin Dip

Bring warming relief to your hands OR feet while moisturizing and creating a protective layer on the skin that helps to retain hydration. $15


Exfoliating Foot Scrub

This salt scrub exfoliation process will result in relief from rough and achy feet. $15

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Targeted Body Stretch

Promote flexibility, blood flow, and proper alignment of your muscle fibers, with an assisted stretching session to push you further than you can onyour own. 15 Minutes/$25


Full Cupping Session

This ancient technique involves cups that are used to create suction on problem areas to promote blood flow and reduce inflammation. With a full cupping session, you will receive a full spread of placed and manipulated cups during your additional time.

15 Minutes/$40


Exfoliating Body Scrub

Exfoliate and moisturize dry skin with this warm table treatment that includes a gentle, full-body application of aromatic sugar scrub, removed with soothing hot towels.

30 Minutes/$85


TMJ Massage

A concentrated massage technique primarily focused on the jaw, neck and head, Designed for clients with jaw pain, TMJ Disorder, and those who grind/clinch their teeth at night due to stress.

15 Minutes/$30

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